Michiel van Poelgeest

I’m Dutch composer and music producer Michiel van Poelgeest (1982). ¬†Under the pseudonym Villeneuf I’ve released three studio albums, contributed to numerous others and played some amazing venues throughout Europe.

Since 2013 I compose and produce music for various media, such as shorts, trailers, animations, and commercials. I operate from a studio in Leiden, creating unique songs and scores, always on the lookout for ‘that warm synth pop sound’. A new website will be launched mid-2018. In the mean time:

Get in touch
+31(0)624 94 6531

Or listen to this instrumental¬†EP and you’ll know what I’m about:

Oh and this one time, a cool website called The Quiet Us mentioned something nice about me. You can read that here, if you’d like to.